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Ukrainian Factory "ZhL" Prepaid Taxes By The End Of 2014



In May one of the leaders of Ukrainian confectionary market - confectionery factory "ZhL" paid in advance ? 8 million (about $ 680 thousand) of taxes to the state budget of Ukraine. And, on total, from the beginning of the year company paid almost ? 23 million ($ 2 million) of taxes. It was explained in the company, that this step is due to the company team’s patriotic sentiments and the desire to support the country in its current difficult situation.

"Today Ukraine has found itself in a difficult political and economic situation, which certainly affected all of us: entrepreneurs, workers, government officials and every Ukrainian citizen. Everyone has to do their patriotic duty and help the country emerge from the crisis. That is why the management of the factory decided to pay the taxes in 2014 state budget in advance", - Igor Boyko - The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ALC "ZhL" commented.

The management of factory "ZhL" believes that Ukrainian companies now have to take care not only about the stability of their own companies, but also about the whole country. Also they expressed hope that the situation in the country would change for the better and would be more favorable for business development.

Notably, Zhytomyr confectionery factory is one of the largest taxpayers and employers in the Zhytomyr region.

Thanks to the cost-effective business management and 70 years of experience in the confectionery market - "ZhL" demonstrates the high financial results: in 2013 it sold its products for more than 930 million UAH, which is 3.17% more than in 2012. Factory "ZHL" constantly invests in the improvement of technology sales and the modernization of production capacities, establishing new production lines.

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