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Products of Zhytomyr confectionery factory "ZHL" were granted the "Halal" certificate

One of the largest confectionery companies in Ukraine - factory "ZHL" - was given the "Halal" certificate for the part of its range, which enables to satisfy their Muslim customers of Ukraine and expand exports of its products to Muslim countries.

Recently, most of food manufacturers, unfortunately, use ingredients of animal origin, which are prohibited by Shariah and are not good to the human body.

To assign a certificate of "Halal", Zhytomyr enterprise was visited by the expert committee SAMU (Spiritual Administration of Muslims in Ukraine) with the inspection of products and the conditions of its production. As a result, certain products list obtained the "Halal" certificate.

News of receiving the "Halal" certificate for part of the assortment is very important for Muslims of Ukraine. There is no information about what products from manufacturers do not contain animal fats, alcohol additives, gelatin and other ingredients prohibited in Islam.

As a result of receiving this certificate, the Middle and Far East countries intend to import sweets, cookies and wafers manufactured by Zhitomir confectionery factory.

The presence of the sign "Halal" is the proof of additional quality guarantees of products for the consumer. Apart from Muslims, people of other religions preferences purchase and consume clean “Halal” products. With the development of “Halal” industry information on useful products is becoming more available, and those who even once tried Halal products return to it again.

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