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Dietary wafers with Stevia from confectionery factory "ZhL"

Ukrainian manufacturer, Zhytomyr confectionery factory "ZhL", released to the FMCG market innovative sugar-free wafers with a stevia extract.Zhytomyr confectionery factory "ZhL" can truly be considered as an innovative company of Ukraine that is modernizing its production, improving technology in accordance with the latest trends in the confectionery industry.

The factory "ZhL", possessing great potential, constantly carries out scientific research and development to find innovative and optimal solutions in confectionery production, new raw materials, new taste qualities of products and packaging formats in order to meet the desires of the consumer in the best way.

It is worth noting that "ZhL" is one of the largest manufacturers of diabetic-friendly products in Ukraine and is constantly expanding its range. So, confectionery "ZhL" has launched an innovative product - sugar-free wafers with natural sweetener - stevia.

Stevia has unique therapeutic and gustatory characteristics, is able to restore the disturbed metabolic processes in the body and to increase the energy level. At the same time it has intensely sweet taste. Leading nutritionists believe stevia is the most useful and promising sweetener for this moment. This plant has a high sweetness, low energy value, resistant to heat, even at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, it does not have any harmful effects on the body, dissolves easily. Experts recommend stevia-based sweeteners as a safe sugar substitute to all the people who look after their health.

At present, "ZhL" offers two types of the product in a bulk format under TM «Doma» - "Wafers with stevia with milk flavour" and "Wafers with stevia with chocolate flavour". Calorie content of these wafers is 30% lower than that of conventional wafers.

In the nearest future, the company plans to pack these wafers in "edge wise" format, the weight of one package - 160 grams.Currently "ZhL" is developing other dietary products with a stevia extract. 

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