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Confectionery "ZhL": results of 2013

In 2013 Zhytomyr confectionery "ZhL" sold its products for more than 930 million UAH, which is 3.17% more than in 2012. Factory "ZhL" held in 2013 its position in the top-five leaders of Ukrainian confectionery market. The share of confectionary "ZhL" in the total production of confectionery products in Ukraine is 4.37%.

The share of exports in total company’s sales for 2013 was near 35%, which is 3% more than in 2012. There was a significant increase in sales of "ZhL" in foreign countries, which certainly is related to the discovery and development of new markets and strengthening of positions in markets where "ZhL" products have been represented for many years. "ZhL" sweets are available in 26 countries on almost all continents. In 2013, the first deliveries of "ZhL" products were made to Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and China. At the moment company is holding negotiations with counterparts from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. It is also planned to increase the share of sales in foreign markets of Central Asia, the Middle East.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ALC "ZhL" Igor Boyko commented on the company's policy in the field of investment development: "In 2013 the company invested EUR 10 million in the modernization of production capacities, trade-marketing activities and the improvement of technology sales. One of the significant achievements of the factory "ZhL" in 2013 was the installation of a Dutch powerful automated production line, more than EUR 3 million were invested in it. High-tech line allows producing two kinds of sweets – these are a classic glazed roasted nuts and Tofan. Factory "ZhL" presented on the market new products that are produced on the line - "Brittle nut mix" and "Tofan nut mix".

Following the latest trends in the confectionery market, "ZhL" manufactures the products that are capable to meet the demands of consumers. In autumn factory "ZhL" presented a new trademark «Stevix», which united sugar-free dietary products with a natural stevia sweetener under the one general concept. "Cookies with Stevia" and "Praline bar with Stevia" are already presented and are in demand in the market. Also it is planned to launch "Wafers with stevia" in the package 160 g.

In 2013, "ZhL" held rotation of assortment and introduced a lot of new products, also packaging for many products was redesigned. Besides, Zhytomyr confectionery released fudge "Milk Jug" in new Doy-Pack packaging with a functional ZIP-lock, weighing 250 and 400 g. The factory started to manufacture popular cookies "Maria" in a new packaging format - weight 130 and 210 g.

Before the New Year 2014 "ZhL" introduced an exclusive line of handmade sweets under TM Doma which includes 18 kinds of premium sweets, specially designed for candy boutique «Doma».

In 2013, the factory has successfully implemented many projects, in particular , in January a MEGA-conference "ZhL Trade 2013" was held, and International Conference "ZhL- 2013: collaboration, distribution, partnership" in February. Besides "ZhL" became a partner of many art festivals and competitions, as well as the main sponsor of Ukrainian tour of circus "Kobzov".

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